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Three positive things to do today to aid developing emotional intelligence

The benefits of developing emotional intelligence ripple out from the individual through the organization, and this starts with identifying self-awareness issues.

How an Emotional Intelligence Assessment Creates the Motivation for Change

An emotional intelligence appraisal enables a leader to connect and communicate effectively, essential when managing change in the workplace

How Emotional Intelligence Training Activities can Help Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Sales

In our last article, we discussed 5 tell-tale clues that your sales team needs an emotional intelligence workshop. In many sales environments, when sales numbers start dropping, or fail to push forward the way the manager expects, focus is placed fir...

5 Tell-Tale Clues That Your Sales Team Needs an Emotional Intelligence Workshop

If management are able to spot the tell-tale clues that their sales team needs an emotional intelligence workshop, skills will be learned that will ignite sales.

The 7 Cs of Business Communication with Examples

Only 13% of workers believe their leaders are very good communicators. Following the 7 Cs of business, communication is key.