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Training Program Design, Development, Facilitation & Execution

Many training organizations promote ‘off-the-shelf’ training programs.   Forward Focus has an expertise in developing the very best custom training programs.  That’s not to say we don’t offer ready-made training solutions; simply that ours are cut from a different cloth. Our trainers are fully certified facilitators with the advantage of decades of targeted training experience. They can address the real time needs of participants and deliver dynamic interactive experiences.  Whether in the classroom, on the Web or a blended learning experience our course ware designers and facilitators work to achieve thought provoking, practical  and engaging programs .  Clients can opt for our off-the-shelf courses to suit their needs, or consult with us to design customized training and coaching programs focused on specific needs of their organization.

  • Are you a subject matter expert who wants to share what you know with others?
  • Do you have a great idea for a workshop and need help making it a reality?
  • Do you conduct weekly sales meetings and need some turn-key activities that will engage your team?
  • Are you implementing new processes or installing software systems and need reference guides for your team that cover only what they really need to do?
  • Do you need a sales presentation that makes market research come alive for your prospects?
  • Do you want to improve your training and presentation skills, making a real impact on your audience?

Services We Provide

  • Consulting: We look at your outline and listen to your ideas. We ask quality questions that help you clarify your objectives and how best to accomplish them. We offer recommendations to improve the likelihood that your project will achieve the results you are looking for.
  • Design: We turn your ideas into tangible deliverables. We create learning activities which make it more likely that the learning will result in behavior change that translates back to the workplace. We can create slides, participant materials and instructor guides, as well as job aids participants can take back to the work environment to put the learning into use.
  • Assessment: We provide training standards and quality criteria against which you can measure the quality and potential success of a training program.
  • Coaching/Education: We coach you to improve your delivery skills. Our Train the Trainer course will revolutionize your understanding of how to facilitate learning and become a more effective communicator based on the latest research in how the human brain works. 
  • Research: We can get you the data you need to ensure that your presentations and workshops are credible and current.


Deliverables We Can Provide

Team-building Activities  Participant Materials
Sales Skills-building Activities  Instructor Guides
Sales Presentations  Powerpoint Slides
Research Presentations  Job Aids
Planning Documents  Reference Guides

Benefits: What you get from Your Investment

  • A extra set of hands to get projects done – with your involvement and oversight
  • The satisfaction of seeing your ideas become a tangible reality
  • Our expertise improves the likelihood that you will get the return on investment you want

Going further than other training consulting firms

Forward Focus delivers custom curriculums, and works with clients to design and deliver customized training programs based on the client’s specific and exact needs. Our consultants and course designers will work with you to address weaknesses and build on strengths, whether these are identified within your management team or more generally across your employees.

We work with the client to provide a total solution to training and coaching needs, with courses designed by fully qualified course designers with real industry experience. We’ll create your course with reference to the multiple constraints of time, business, and budget.

For further information, and to discuss how our custom program design services will benefit your organization and employees, contact Forward Focus for a free consultation today.