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Critical to Team Building Success in the 21st Century is Setting Purpose and Direction

Flatter, more lean and flexible organizations of the 21st Century require individuals to work on a variety of teams, some of which are formed for short periods of time and others that have more sustainability serving the on-going purpose of the organization.

Successful formations of teams include a clear purpose and direction a charter of the team – what are they called to do and why?   How will they engage with each other? What values and behaviors will they hold themselves accountable to as they work together? What processes will they put in place to insure they achieve the results they set out to achieve?   These are the questions that need to be answered.  This is work teams must do early on to insure success and productive achievement of their goals.

The Transient and Global Marketplace adds Complexity to Building Teams

Today’s more diverse work force brings a unique set of opportunities and challenges to task of team building. A greater desire to truly understand differences and be inclusive is required.  Our teams are virtual and on the move.  To navigate requires a greater degree of emotional intelligence; the ability to assert oneself and manage interpersonal and social dynamics to be effective. 

At Forward Focus we understand the challenges of this new workplace and facilitate real time solutions to whatever you breakdowns your teams are facing.

It’s The Individuals that Make-Up the Team

Team players are people who can put aside their personal goals and work well with others, doing what they  need to do and contributing their  talents in service of a common goal.  So, effective team players are leaders in their own-right.  They need to know themselves and they must have a desire to understand their fellow team players.    Teams are much more productive when their players have insight and knowledge of each other’s capabilities and they have both the communication and interpersonal skills to be effective.  This requires individual as well as group leadership development work.

At Forward Focus we use a number of assessment tools to help team members better understand themselves and others. These assessment tools include:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Thomas Kilmann Conflict Styles
  • DISC Communication Styles
  • Personal Motivators and Engagement - Values Assessment
  • EQi
  • Energy Leadership Index

These tools support the development of self-awareness and team awareness. This information leads to understanding of one another and the team.  It provides a way to communicate and value differences.  In time trust builds for the individual and team.   Trust, is the very foundation of a great team. While it is the foundation of a great team it is also often where the cracks show up. So….

How Do You Build a Team?

Just like when baking bread, there are key ingredients that when present in the mix will make a great team able to rise to any occasion.  Leaders and Managers who consciously communicate empower their teams to:

  • Work through conflict with each other
  • Work together toward common goals and objectives
  • Be committed in their work and their working relationships
  • Drive to results
  • Learn and improve continuously

Great teams that deliver results are your competitive edge in today’s marketplace. With solid teams in place your organization will stretch toward its strategic goals.

Building great teams: your road to reaching your potential

We’ll work with you, your managers and your teams to assess their issues, identify challenges, and break down functional silos. We provide team building activities that are fun and designed to turn assessments into actionable insights. Our facilitators and coaches have decades of real-life industry and business experience, and understand the challenges leaders face today in building truly high functioning teams. Your team is your potential: contact Forward Focus for a free consultation today, and we’ll help your teams discover their creativity and soul..