Sustainable Change Happens When Your People Think Like Your Customers

Strategies to Learn What Your Customers Want

Sustainable change is an intervention that genuinely takes root within a business. When it is attained, sustainable change aids a business in moving from making a conscious effort to make changes to establishing an accepted and new way of doing business. 

In addition to this, sustainable change feeds on itself, generating continual improvements within your business. The best companies are those that keep making changes and moving forward in a natural manner. 

In a client-focused economy, it is crucial to include customers in your strategic change planning and execution – and to get your people to think like your customers.

Why it is crucial to have your customers on board with your organizational change 

One of the main reasons why it is important to get your customers on board with organizational change is because it gives you the ability to achieve more together and have opportunities to celebrate. By getting your customers on board with organizational change, you will be able to develop loyal relationships built around a collective purpose – with many magical moments to celebrate as a brand.

How do you learn what your customers want?

For sustainable changes to happen and those long-term relationships to grow, you need to really understand what your customers want and need. But how do you do this? Here are five techniques that you can use to truly understand your customers:

  1. The first way to do so is by engaging with your customers in real time. Technology is the heartbeat of organizational change, and there are many tools available that enable you to engage customers with ease – and this means you can get a better understanding of your customers than ever before. 

  2. Second, enjoying two-way communication with your customers will unlock a much deeper understanding of their needs than you ever had before – active listening is essential to avoid making assumptions that create communication havoc and destroy relationships.

  3. The next piece of advice that we have for you when it comes to better understanding your customers is to create more robust buyer personas. A lot of companies make the error of utilizing generic demographics like location, profession, and age to develop their buyer personas. While these points should be included within your buyers’ personas, they are not going to give you enough data to generate messaging that resonates with your audience on an emotional level. 

  4. You can also use customer analytics to generate important data that you can use to get a better understanding of your customers. From reading through a web page to clicking on a link, every customer action provides valuable insight into how your customers are behaving. 

  5. Collect and analyze behavioral data that helps you to understand the journey that your customers are navigating. 

These actions will help your people to think more like your customers. It is this connection that will help you make the significant changes your business needs to engender broader and deeper customer engagement, as you deliver outcomes that achieve your collective purpose.

Your people can be game-changers. By helping them connect with your customers, you will gain greater insight into your market and the opportunities that exist in a VUCA world. To learn how our Leadership Circle™ Impact Program delivers the skills your organization needs to deliver impactful and sustainable change in the complex VUCA marketplace, click here.

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