Frequent Change Improves Your Sales Team

Frequent Change Improves Your Sales Team

6 Benefits of OCM in Sales Teams

When executed effectively, OCM (organizational change management) can help organizations transition smoothly, whatever the need for change. It helps teams to adapt to evolving markets and new product launches, and cope with changing customer demands. When sales teams become adept at frequent change, selling techniques improve and salespeople are more able to target new customers.

In this article, we examine the benefits of OCM in the sales arena.

1. OCM compels improvements

Change compels salespeople to improve their sales techniques. When salespeople embrace change, they see opportunities, not roadblocks. For example, should a customer’s management team change, your sales team has a new opportunity to pitch products and services.

To benefit from change, sales teams must have a positive attitude toward it and sales techniques must undergo continual adjustment. 

2. Change improves sales processes

Sales is not a fixed process. Sales techniques and methods are in a constant state of flux, reacting to market change. New technologies and cultural changes require modified approaches. To maintain effectiveness, salespeople must continually upskill to adapt to the evolution in customer preferences.

OCM ensures that change is not a single, largescale shock, but instead a continual series of small steps. With this approach, change becomes part of the working routine – something that all are involved with – and ceases to be viewed as an obstacle to be overcome.

3. OCM stops sales teams stagnating

When sales processes are not updated and redefined for evolving markets, sales teams become stagnated. Salespeople don’t adjust to the needs of individual customers, instead using the same inflexible approach to every individual. This can lead to low customer satisfaction and harm sales numbers.

Continual training reinforces current best practices, enables salespeople to gain new insights, and empowers adaptation of techniques. Sales teams become more dynamic.

  1. OCM boosts customer satisfaction

When sales teams are better equipped to sell, customers are more likely to be satisfied – and satisfied customers buy more, and evolve into brand advocates. Effective OCM reacts to changing customer needs. Customers whose concerns and questions are addressed become loyal customers.

5. Frequent change shapes flexibility

When change is made more frequently, salespeople become used to change. People who accept change as part of their working lives are less likely to resist change. Their energy will be directed at embracing change instead of resisting it, and this helps to improve sales revenues.

Sales teams that embrace change are more adaptable. They are more able to adjust to new markets, customers and situations, helping them to sell to a more diverse client base.

6. OCM encourages personal growth

Good OCM helps salespeople to grow. It provides deeper insight and encourages individuals to challenge their own perceptions. People who are open to change are more adept at changing themselves, questioning their abilities and seeking ways to improve. This is good for individuals and for teams.

Effective Organizational Change Management Lessons Resistance to Change

When executed effectively, OCM reduces negativity toward change. The key is to include your salespeople in the change discussion. Bring them into brainstorming sessions, and trust their judgements. Your salespeople deal with problems everyday – whether those problems are because of systems, products, processes or customers. They are ideally placed to provide the insight required to move forward.

Ensuring that your people are owners of change and not recipients of it will help to engage them with change. They will feel more valued, and changes will be received more willingly. People don’t resist things that they create.

In a VUCA world, growing sales in the ambiguous environment requires salespeople to embrace a change mentality. Change is disruptive. By making small changes constantly, you lessen the disruption and your sales team will become more flexible – they will become more flexible and capable to operate ahead of the curve. 

Contact us today, and discover how embracing frequent change unlocks the listening ability of your sales teams.

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