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It all starts with the mindset of your sales professionals.....

  • How do your people feel about selling?
  • What activities are they consistently leveraging to uncover opportunities?
  • Which behaviors increase customer loyalty?
  • How can you increase morale, motivate your team, reduce staff turnover, and increase profitability?

Your sales people are often the first people your customers meet.  They reflect your organization and communicate your values.  They need to know why they do what they do and be aligned to perform their very best.  We can help motivate and inspire individual sales leadership through one of the most innovative sales training programs available today. The Integrity Selling program asks your sales team to take a reflective look at themselves, break through limiting beliefs, bring increased motivation into their daily sales activities, and teaches a powerful 6-step sales system which motivates customers to want to buy!

Selling to beliefs and values

Today, customers enter into the sales process much more informed.  Informed customers can make sales more difficult, so new strategies are needed to turn prospects into customers as well as open new markets.

Instead of focusing on features and benefits, today’s top sales people focus on effectively qualifying client needs, recommending and collaborating on solutions, receiving validation of their solutions by the client, and handling objections by appealing to a win/win mindset.  These behaviors are based on neuroscience and the emotional factor: beliefs, feelings, and values are the reasons people buy. Therefore, the new, more refined selling behaviors require additional emotional intelligence in order to turn prospects into customers that close themselves.

In order to remain competitive and reach their targets, sales people must get know their customers by learning to read and access the emotional side of prospective customers.

Redefining the sales mindset will motivate your team

Integrity Selling addresses and aligns a number of important sales dimensions that generate the successful sales person's mindset:.

  • Views of selling
  • Views of their abilities
  • Values and commitment
  • Belief in product

Gaps in these aspects result in poor performance. By addressing these issues head-on, sales managers can help free their people from the internal conflicts that hold them back. This requires a behavioral change that is built on strengths while accepting and modifying weaknesses.

This new behavioral approach will help you to motivate your team. Sales staff will be less fearful of the initial cold-call or warm approach and understand how to drill down into prospective customers’ needs. From this point, the following facets of selling become second nature:

  • Uncovering the customer need
  • Demonstrating solutions
  • Validating claims
  • Negotiating problems and negating objections
  • Creating sales that close themselves – free of hokey closing techniques.

Igniting Your Team - Increase Sales

Your organization exists because of its sales, but unless your salespeople learn to remain at the top of their game in the information age and customization, then your sales will suffer. Customers increasingly buy in tune with their beliefs and values, and sales people who learn to target these will benefit from increased confidence, improved productivity, and better sales numbers.

If you want to improve staff morale, reduce unnecessary costs caused by avoidable high employee turnover numbers, and increase market share, then focused coaching in effective selling will help you accomplish all these objectives.

Here at Forward Focus, we provide ongoing coaching to our clients, their managers, and their sales staff. Part of our unique offering is the Ignite Sales Newsletter. This newsletter helps sales people with:

  • Asking the right questions to receive telling answers
  • Preparation techniques for first-time and ongoing meetings
  • Conversion of prospects into long-term customers
  • The power of seeking validation for your recommendations

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Burst your targets with an autonomous sales team

Stop micromanaging! It’s the key to developing higher-performing and more productive teams. The question is, how can managers who are fearful of letting go of control stop micromanaging? The answer is to embed autonomy, mastery, and purpose within your core values.

When all around is changing, your values will drive your sales

Millennials’ influence in buying decisions is increasing rapidly. Data shows that 66% would boycott your products if you aren’t aligned with their values. Now what do you do?

Are you using technology to improve sales collaboration?

Deloitte found that inclusive teams outperform non-inclusive teams by 80%. Disabled employees work hard, and employers with inclusive teams portray a positive image to the outside world. And you can access specific tax breaks. The question is, what technology can help you integrate disabled employees and reap the rewards in a win/win?

How to Sell in a VUCA World

The world is constantly changing, but the rapid and widescale change caused by COVID-19 has done more to shape the way society goes about its daily business than any event in living memory. What skills do your salespeople need to excel in this new paradigm of the VUCA world?

Strategies to build and retain the best sales team

By attracting, selecting, developing, and retaining diverse employees in a sales team, research shows that you are likely to build your revenue faster and further than less diverse teams. The question is, how do you build and retain great sales teams?

Plan Time to Boost Sales

Two-thirds of the average salesperson’s time is spent on non-revenue-generating tasks. Yet fewer than a third of sales reps employ effective time management techniques. Isn’t it time your salespeople learned to use their time more effectively to do what they do best – sell?

Is greater specialization the key to a more productive sales team?

The problem that sales and marketing teams face today is connecting with their audience authentically. In their rush to connect with customers through multiple channels, organizations develop fractured marketing. Consumers receive different messages through different communication media. The consequence is a lack of authenticity that destroys trust in sales relationships. How can you ensure you don’t make the same mistake?

Salespeople must be good at managing conflict

Salespeople who can navigate conflict will boost your sales numbers. Their negotiating skills put them in a unique position to employ the 4Rs method of conflict resolution.

Employ omnichannel communication to boost sales

The problem that sales and marketing teams face today is connecting with their audience authentically. In their rush to connect with customers through multiple channels, organizations develop fractured marketing. Consumers receive different messages through different communication media. The consequence is a lack of authenticity that destroys trust in sales relationships. How can you ensure you don’t make the same mistake?

Build trust for high-performance sales

Employing activities to teach trustworthiness will enable salespeople to understand the nature of trust and how it shapes the customer relationship.

How to sell in a VUCA world

If you wanted a definition of extreme VUCA, then we can all say we have lived through it. COVID-19 has highlighted the new paradigm in which salespeople must develop their skills.

Is good mental health your most effective sales tool?

If I asked you what the most important qualities in sales are, your list would probably include ambition, confidence, resilience, enthusiasm, communication skills, and so on. Yet you probably believe a salesperson’s most important tool is your CRM, or phone, or market data, etc. See the disparity? If you want your salespeople to perform at their peak, they must enjoy good mental health.

Enhance Sales in a Multigenerational Sales Team

Today’s sales teams are multigenerational. The benefits are plentiful. However, motivating different generations in the workplace is challenging. Here is the answer.

Engage your employees and boost your sales

Employee engagement is most commonly associated with employee motivation, increasing morale, aiding employees to give their best each day, and boosting productivity in the workplace. However, engaged employees also strengthen brand. They become brand advocates, helping to engage customers not because of process, but because of belief in the brand. This boosts sales. To achieve this, an organization must develop an internal comms strategy aimed at creating the culture in which employees are engaged with its brand.

Why human skills are essential to boost sales in an AI world

In an AI world, sales teams will still rely on human skills to build rapport and trust and develop the human connections that create loyal customers.

Frequent Change Improves Your Sales Team

Change compels salespeople to improve their sales techniques, and when salespeople embrace change, they see opportunities not roadblocks.

Invest in Diversity and Ignite Your Sales

Diverse sales teams sell more. Just one of the three organizational benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.

Does Your Organizational Culture Encourage Your Sales Team to Listen?

Reinforcement in organizational behavior is critical to developing the culture of listening that will drive your sales numbers higher.

If You Want to Increase Sales, Solicit Client Feedback

Planning and structuring effective meetings is crucial for success in sales. During the meeting, soliciting feedback is essential to meet your objectives.

Is It Your Sales Team’s Unconscious Bias That Is Holding Back Your Sales Numbers?

An effective organizational culture will help to eliminate the negative consequences of unconscious bias. These strategies will help your team improve diversity and sales.

Innovate Your Sales Management to Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Motivating sales people in the constantly changing marketplace requires a more innovative approach, with tactics that inspire and reward individual motivations.

6 Steps to Helping Your Team Achieve Its Sales Objectives in a More Timely Fashion

This 6 step decision making process will help sales managers to manage teams more effectively, and can be transferred to the field as a sales process.

Sales Team Development Strategies for the 21st Century

The importance of employee retention cannot be overstated. High turnover destroys the bottom line. Sales teams, especially, should strategize to retain staff.

Is Competitive Stress Damaging Your Sales Force?

Attitudes toward how to coach an employee who is underperforming have changed as more is learned about stress – highly relevant in the sales environment.

Boost Sales with an Inclusive Conversation

With salespeople in the office, in the field, and spread geographically, colleague engagement is challenging for sales managers. This communication strategy eliminates the pain.

Rules of Engagement to Increase Sales by Running Effective Team Meetings

Team meetings should inspire and engage participants, but often they fail to do either. These tips for running effective team meetings will help your meetings achieve their goals.

How to Penetrate the Market with a New Product the Easy Way

In answering the question of how to penetrate the market with a new product, a company would be best served to utilize the full potential of their sales team by engaging them in the creation of a positioning statement , promotion plan, and push strategy. Successful strategizing for new product placement, marketing, and sales engages the dynamic sales team at every stage.

How to Make Extrasensory Perception Your Salespeople’s Unique Selling Proposition

People buy on emotion and justify with logic. Given this, should your salespeople learn how to influence the subconscious mind to sell more?

How to Oust Office Politics to Boost Team Sales

Office politics. It’s all about individual ego. That’s never good for an organization. It’s about time you created a team, and not a group of individuals competing against each other.

Don't force a sale, inspire a purchase

How many people will salespeople deal with in the B2B process, and how could organizational buying behaviors influence the behaviors of salespeople?

Should Your Sales and Service Teams Collaborate More Closely?

8 out of 10 executive buyers don’t believe that sales people are tuned into their issues. Isn’t it time your sales team collaborated with the people in the know?

Growing Sales in the Ambiguous Environment

It's an uncertain world. Buying organizations make one decision today, and another tomorrow. How can your salespeople grow sales in such an ambiguous market?

Why is Your Future-Proofed Sales Technology Crushing Your Sales Numbers?

New technologies can help boost and sustain your sales in the 21st century. But how do you future-proof your salespeople?

How Do You Connect to Sell Across the Generational Gap?

How do you sell the same product to different generational expectations? Could the art of selling lay in the science of effective communication?

Guide Your Sales Team to Change

In the rapidly changing sales environment, leaders must find creative ways to engage employees in the process of change.

How does Organizational Culture Shape Behavior in the Sales Context?

Organizational behavior: when you understand it, you can use it to reinforce the performance of salespeople and sales teams.

Follow the Road of Creativity and Innovation to Boost Sales

Tell your story. Put your customer at the heart of it. Connect, and influence the buying decision with a compelling sales narrative.

Take Command of Your Customers With a Compelling Sales Narrative

Tell your story. Put your customer at the heart of it. Connect, and influence the buying decision with a compelling sales narrative.

12 Rules of Influence to Increase Sales

Selling is something you do with someone, and these influencing techniques will help you increase sales with your customers.

7 Strategies to Engage your Customers and Increase Sales

In terms of sales prospecting techniques, a customer engagement program is likely to increase sales and maintain and build market share. Here’s how it works.

6 Steps to Integrity Selling

AIDInc is the process used by the most successful salespeople. But if you want to know how to ignite sales, you need to employ emotional intelligence, too.

3 Behaviors That Build Trust in Sales Relationships

Emotional intelligence skills are essential when building rapport with customers. These three behaviors will help create the trust needed to ignite sales.

Empower Your Prospects to Power Your Sales

Today’s customer wants to be in control. With the correct communication technique, the salesperson will empower the customer to buy. When this happens, sales become easy.

Why Collaboration is The New Sales Guru, and How To Achieve It

Individual competition is the traditional driver of sales success, but collaboration is now recognized a best practice sales enabler.

Team Building Strategies for Premier League Sales Targets

Creating an environment of togetherness is the prime strategy to motivate your sales team. These strategies will help you do so.

Are You a Resilient Salesperson or an Optimistic One?

An optimistic salesperson will be resilient, with the extrovert personality traits that increase sales success.

Emotionally Intelligent Salespeople Sell More – Period.

Numerous studies have shown that salespeople with developed emotional intelligence competencies sell more. We discuss what this really means.

How to Smash Targets With These Salesperson Interview Tips

These salesperson interview tips will hone technique to avoid the top two reasons for low sales: failure to listen, and lack of understanding of value-based sales.

How to Set SMART Goals that Your Field Sales Team Will Kick Every Time

Don’t allow negativity to creep into your sales team. A SMART goal action plan will eliminate doubt and resistance, as your team marches towards its goals.

The Single Factor That Will Stop Your Salespeople from Achieving Their 2017 Sales Targets

When setting sales targets, clarity is the key factor in avoiding disappointing results.

To Sustain Your Sales, Sustain Your Sales Staff

Don’t suffer with a demotivated workforce that spreads negativity. These motivational tips will keep your sales team at peak performance.

How Do You Stay on Top of Your Game When Times Get Tough?

“Show me the money!” A great line for a film, but not a strategy that will motivate salespeople in the long term.

Promoting to the Prospect After the Appointment, Follow-Up, & Close

Don’t make the common follow-up mistakes made by so many salespeople. Instead, take the opportunity to upsell yourself and gain competitive edge.

Matching Your Products and Services to Your Clients Needs

Effective communication is the key to satisfying customer needs and wants, and when you do this your satisfaction scores will rise − followed by revenues and profits.

7 Top Interviewing Methods of Identifying Customer Needs

Sales success is about communicative strategy, not piecemeal process. These 7 tips will provide the basis for identifying your customers’ needs in a more tactful and successful way.

5 Sales Appointment Setting Tips to Avoid Prospect Cancellations

A salesperson will avoid appointment cancellations by using sales appointment setting tips that remove obstacles and reaffirm need.

Using Appointment Setting Scripts that Work to Complete the First Close

A salesperson’s first close comes a long time before meeting the client. To get that far, appointment setting scripts that work are needed.

Qualifying Sales Leads Questions to Save Time and Convert Better

By asking qualifying sales leads questions, a salesperson will save time and resource and move to closing faster and more consistently. Here are those questions.

How to Move Your Sales Cold Calling Techniques into the 21st Century

Cold calling is frustrating, mundane, and when done poorly has a poor ROI. But fuse modern tools and traditional techniques, and cold calling success will be transformed. In the modern sales environment, sales cold calling techniques need to be updated to remain effective and targeted.

Sales Mindset 101: The 7 Characteristics of a Successful Salesperson

Discover the seven characteristics of a successful salesperson that propels sales from average to more than extraordinary. Successful salespeople exhibit the qualities of character that make their customers like them and their bosses love them: these seven characteristics will ignite sales.

How to Penetrate the Market with a New Product in the Oversold Market

When seeking how to penetrate the market with a new product, the competitive edge will be attained through saturated market strategies that return to more traditional sales methods.

These Three Companies Realized Empowering Employees Benefits

These three companies embedded the culture of empowering employees. Benefits flowed as soon as they did so, with revenues driven up by higher customer loyalty.

Secrets of Question Based Selling

Learn the secrets of question based selling! Question-based selling is proven to provide salespeople with questioning strategies that prompt engaging questions that motivate clients to buy.

“Sales could definitely be better.”

Are your sales stuck in a rut? Using the Congruence Model your salespeople will learn modern techniques of how to improve sales with focused on-site sales training.

How Emotional Intelligence Training Activities can Help Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Sales

In our last article, we discussed 5 tell-tale clues that your sales team needs an emotional intelligence workshop. In many sales environments, when sales numbers start dropping, or fail to push forward the way the manager expects, focus is placed fir...

5 Tell-Tale Clues That Your Sales Team Needs an Emotional Intelligence Workshop

If management are able to spot the tell-tale clues that their sales team needs an emotional intelligence workshop, skills will be learned that will ignite sales.

The Enterprise of Companies that Use Employee Empowerment

Companies that use employee empowerment as a core business strategy will find revenues grow, costs reduce, and profits increase. Enterprise has achieved exactly this.