Integrity Selling

Course Description

Successful sellers need a solid foundation of proven selling skills. However, the majority of success in selling is rooted in attitudes, emotions, and beliefs. Strangely, most sales training fails to take these additional factors into account, and as a result, most sales training ultimately fails the people (and the organizations) it’s supposed to help. There is a better way... Integrity Selling is an industry-leading comprehensive sales training solution focused on ethical sales behaviors designed to forge productive and long-term business partnerships.

The Integrity Selling course starts with a 1-day seminar which outlines a six-step selling process while providing selling techniques and insights to enhance a sales person’s ability to advance through the steps to successfully close sales.

The 1-day Seminar is followed by a series of group coaching sessions designed to provide a review of key learnings for each step in the process while sale people actively practice each step in the process between sessions and receive feedback and coaching from the facilitator as well as peers. This is not a training event where you "hope" to get results.  This complete training program is real-time and action focused.  It builds and reinforces "right habits" to increase sales 5% - 35%.

What's in it for sales people:

  • Teaches them the secrets of becoming a rainmaker
  • Identifies and overcomes hidden resistances to sales
  • Provides a road map for selling
  • Provides tools for identifying customer's buying and communication styles
  • Gives them a greater awareness of how to build effective long-term relationships and increase client retention

Target Audience

The Integrity Selling course is for new as well as seasoned sales people. New sales people will get a road map to a sales process and seasoned people will deepen into the emotional intelligence of selling

Duration/Class Size

Integrity Selling is a 3-4 month group training/coaching program.  It includes:

  • A one-day seminar
  • Followed by eight weekly 90 minute group coaching sessions (two per month for four months) 
  • Ending with a graduation ceremony.

Recommended class size: 10-12.  Although larger groups can be accommodated with more than one facilitator.

Forward Focus Deliverables

  • Facilitation of 1 Day Seminar
  • Facilitation of 8 weekly follow-up group coaching sessions
  • Integrity Selling for the 21st Century Book
  • Course Guide
  • 4 CD's
  • Action Pocket Guide
  • Pre/Post Call Planning Forms
  • Behavioral Style Pads

All Forward Focus courses can be customized to meet organizational needs.  To learn more about how this course might be customized for your needs please contact us.