Change Agent Bootcamp

Course Description

This course is designed for those responsible for making successful sustainable change in thier organizations. A specific organizational change is identified.  Leaders are introduced to their role as Change Agents.  There is an interactive discussion about the current situation.  Several Change management tools and models are introduced and the team builds a plan for influencing change in their organizations that they own! 

Course Objective

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand their new role as change agents within the organization
  • Verbalize the mission and communicate “Why” the Change is important - to increase the commitment of others to make the change by providing the skills and information they’ll need to fulfill that commitment
  • Identify the key players and levers in making the change happen
  • Use three change management tools effectively
  • Create a change management plan and know their role in implementing it

Target Audience

Change Agent Bootcamp is for any group or team that has been designated to influence change in their organization.  Could be an in-tack management team introducing a new business model.  Or a newly formed group with a representative from all divisions of the company selected to influence widespread cultural change in the organization.

Duration/Class Size

This is a one-day course.  Recommend class size is 7 - 15 people, although larger groups can be accommodated with an additional facilitator.

Forward Focus Deliverables

  • Facilitation of 1 Day Program
  • Facilitation of 6 weekly follow-up group coaching sessions and Graduation
  • Participants Guide
  • Job aids and Handout to support retention of key learning models and tools

All Forward Focus courses can be customized to meet organizatonal needs.  To learn more about how this course might be customized for your needs please contact us.