Don’t Hire a Consulting Firm, Join a Coaching Collaboration

Here at Forward Focus we take the business of your business seriously. You won’t find another executive coaching and business consulting team that matches ours for real-world business experience. That means we have a unique insight into the problems you face and combine our experience with your specific requirements to build the solution you need.

We’ll help you identify, shape, and retain leaders from within your ranks. With leadership coaching, we will energize and empower your people to work together toward a collective goal. Your organization will benefit from highly motivated teams, improved productivity, and increased profitability.

Our Jumpstart Change programs will help your leaders to identify opportunities for improvement in process, procedure, and systems. It will reinvigorate people as they strive to innovate products and services for tomorrow’s markets, today. Focused executive coaching prepares leaders to challenge institutionalized and out-of-date practices by managing resistance and empowering creativity. If you are contemplating a change program (and who isn’t?) or your current program has stagnated, we’ll help you get on track and then meet and beat your objectives.

Our executive coaching team members are masters of the art of communication across cultures.  Many have managed multicultural teams both at home and remotely, and have designed business coaching and communication strategies that really get the best from your team. All managers need to control conflict at some time: we’ll help you harness that conflict and turn it into collaboration.

At the sharp end of sales, our on-site sales training will transform any sales team. We help align the five critical dimensions and instill salespeople with a newfound selling confidence by using question-based selling methodologies. Your salespeople will benefit from techniques that motivate clients to buy, creating empathy and a set of shared values and beliefs that foster stronger client relations, stronger sales, and higher client retention rates.

Whatever the needs and objectives of your organization or your strategic vision, executive coaching and leadership coaching from Forward Focus will ensure you achieve them. You’ll benefit from a focused, fully aligned leadership team that is geared to produce results as your organization moves toward its goals and future vision.

  • We’ll work with you to identify your challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses. We’ll work with you to design the solutions to your unique problems.
  • We’ll work with you to ensure your leaders are equipped with the strategies, tools and techniques that will motivate their teams and drive them to reach their full potential.
  • We’ll work with you to break through resistance to your progressive strategies in a world that is constantly changing.

Forward Focus is different to other executive coaching and leadership coaching firms. We’re different to the standard run-of-the-mill business consulting firm. From the first time you talk to us you’ll notice that when we work with a client, we do things differently. We collaborate.

Contact Forward Focus today to begin your executive and leadership coaching collaboration.

Our Team 

Beth Scaled Photo

Beth Williams

CEO and Managing Partner
Kim Pisolkar

Kim Keefe Pisolkar

Business & Organizational Growth Coach & Consultant
Annes Boyce 2016

Anne Boyce

Organizational Development Consultant, Coach

Rich Mclaughlin

Facilitator, Organizational Development Consultant

Brenda Cirillo

Human Resource Consultant, Coach and Trainer
Jean Grossman

Jean Grossman

Executive Coach
Team Margaret

Margaret Maat

Executive Coach, Program Designer and Organizational Development Consultant
Frank Faeth

Frank Faeth

Executive Coach
Naomi Rodolitz

Naomi Rodolitz

Organization Development Consultant
Michelle Scaled Photo

Michelle Guinane

Organization Development Consultant, Program Designer
Marian Scaled Photo

Marian Janes

Learning & Development Program Designer, Coach

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